Why are some beliefs so maddeningly resistant to evidence?

With Åsa Wikforss - Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at Stockholm University

What if AI Could Literally Read Your Mind?

With Nita Farahany - Author of ‘The Battle for Your Brain: Defending the Right to Think Freely in the Age of Neurotechnology’

Why Good People Share Fake News — And How To Make Them Stop

With David Rand - Professor of Management Science and Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT


With Amanda Ripley - Journalist, author, and co-founder of Good Conflict

The Lonely Pursuit of Facts in a Post-Truth World

With Angie Drobnic Holan - Editor-in-chief of Poltifact and Nieman Fellow at Harvard University

Truth Decay: The Cause and The Treatment

With Michael Rich - President emeritus of RAND Corporation and co-author of Truth Decay.

Why News Stopped Being “Just The Facts” (And Why That’s Good)

With Michael Schudson - Author and professor of journalism in Columbia Journalism School

The Week the Trolls Stormed Homeland Security

With Nina Jankowicz - former Executive Director of the Disinformation Governance Board.

Have We Been Wrong about What the Other Side Thinks?

With Mathieu Lefevre - Co-founder, and CEO of More in Common

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