Want to Understand Today’s Political Debate? Study PsyOps

With Annalee Newitzs - Sci-fi Author & Science Journalist

Using the Tools of Tech to Hold Big Tech Accountable

With Julia Angwin - Pulitzer-Winner & Proof News Founder

The Original Fact Checker: How To Know What’s True

With Glenn Kessler - Editor and Chief Writer of The Washington Post's 'Fact Checker'

The Lost Art of Civil Discourse

With Clea Conner - CEO of Open to Debate

The Logic Behind Illogical Ideologies

With Jason Blakely - Associate Professor of Political Science at Pepperdine University, California

Destroying The Internet In Order To Save It

With Frank McCourt - Executive Chairman of McCourt Global and Founder of Project Liberty

How Newsrooms Decide What’s True

With Martin Baron - Former Editor of the Washington Post

The Saboteurs Within

With Barbara McQuade - Former Co-Chair of the Terrorism and National Security Subcommittee

Why We’re Losing the Misinformation War

With Claire Wardle - Co-founder of the Information Futures Lab at Brown University

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