Defending Factuality in a World of Alternate Realities

With Alan Miller - founder of The News Literacy Project

Episode description:

At some point in conversations about the media, somebody inevitably says, “I just want a single source of true, instantaneous, and uplifting information so that I don’t have to think about it.” The longing is understandable—but let’s get real. In this era of unlimited and ungoverned information, you have to construct your own trusted news environment and weed out what is unreliable. Helping people do that is the mission of today’s guest, Alan Miller, the founder of The News Literacy Project. This 14-year-old non-partisan organization trains students and adults on how to tell fact from fiction in media. Together, Eric and Alan talk about standing up for factuality in a world of alternate realities, remaining non-partisan while defending truth, and how to have constructive conversations with those who disagree with you.

Created & produced by: Podcast Partners / Published: Nov 17 2022

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