The Saboteurs Within

With Barbara McQuade - Former Co-Chair of the Terrorism and National Security Subcommittee

Why We’re Losing the Misinformation War

With Claire Wardle - Co-founder of the Information Futures Lab at Brown University

Stopping Misinformation at the Gate

With Peter Adams - Senior Vice President of Research and Design at the News Literacy Project

Is News Negativity Driving Audiences Away?

With David Bornstein - Co-Founder of the Solutions Journalism Network

Who Killed Trust? And What Can We Do About It?

With Talia Stroud - Director of the Center for Media Engagement at the University of Texas, Austin

Digital Disruption and the Myth of Mainstream Media

With Alan Murray - CEO of Fortune Media

Can You Make A Profit Fighting Misinfo?

With Gordon Crovitz - Co-founder of NewsGuard

Polarization’s Ground Zero

With Brian Stelter - Author of 'Network of Lies'

How To Know If You Can Trust That Story

With Sally Lehrman - Award-winning journalist and founder of the Trust Project

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